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An introduction to storytelling for Students and Instructors

Storytelling is oral narrative in live performance

Storytelling is one the oldest performing arts. Here are 5 important things about a powerful story.

1. A story has a ( beginning, middle, end)

2. A story has just the right words ( a ballet is a story, without words, a deposition is the facts without art)

3. A story includes non-verbal expression (a pantomime can tell a story but it is not storytelling)

4. A story includes direct interaction with the audience – no fourth wall (3 walls in a theater and we say the imaginary one is in front of the actors that keeps them apart from the audience as actors in their roles )

5. A story is told without illusion or props or sets or pictures . Instead the story told is created in performance by the listener and the teller. The tellers words and affect enter into the imagination of the listener who creates their unique images for the story they are hearing

In the next 3- 4 sessions you will learn to tell a story from your personal experience and have an opportunity to compete in a school wide story slam and a Greater Boston Slam.

This program is funded in part by generous support from and the Massachusetts Cultural Council through LCC grants.